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The Professional Funeral Director


The funeral director: a funeral services professional.

The funeral director’s role: advise, help and facilitate

Funeral directors are professionals, first and foremost. They are among the first people you will meet when death strikes your family or loved ones.

Their mission leads them to work closely with you, while offering the advantage of being somewhat detached, so that you benefit from the best of a relationship based on competence and trust; this allows you to make all the necessary arrangements to hold the funeral you want. 


The primary role of these professionals is to listen carefully, in order to find out your needs and provide professional services that meet your expectations exactly. 

The circumstances of a death can often prove complex or confusing for those attempting to cope with it. The emotional shock is sometimes so great that many of the technical or legal details can escape you. Funeral directors know to give you their undivided attention. They provide the relevant information you need, as well as sound advice on the various conditions involved in making certain decisions, as well as what actions to take in understandably difficult circumstances.

Taking the time

Taking all the time necessary, these professionals will not rush anything, but will help you make the best decisions, serenely and well informed, so that this delicate period proceeds as smoothly as possible and so that you obtain full satisfaction from the funeral home you have chosen.

A personalized approach

Death is a serious matter. It requires distinctive, personalized services, and this is precisely the role that bereavement counsellors fulfill with the families. Funeral homes generally assign one funeral director to shepherd a family through every stage of the process. This steady presence facilitates communication between everyone involved, ensuring that information flows freely and that the entire process goes smoothly.

The funeral director is there to serve you, to alleviate your anxiety regarding the many tasks to be accomplished, to answer any questions and, finally, to facilitate certain steps that you may find onerous or obscure.

An indispensable relationship based on trust

Funeral directors receive appropriate training. The funeral home’s reputation depends on its funeral directors being available and discreet, and always treating the bereaved with respect and dignity. Their clients’ confidence in these advisors is the cornerstone of the high-quality professional relationship between them. 

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