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Message from the President

Valérie GarneauWelcome to the Corporation des thanatologues du Québec (CTQ) website. It is my pleasure, on behalf of my fellow CTQ members, to offer you a variety of information about the funeral industry, the benefits of the funeral ritual, and the CTQ, its members and partners. You will also find links that we hope you will find useful in your search.

The funeral director profession has evolved a good deal over the years. The CTQ has guided, and frequently initiated this change. Today, our funeral service professionals understand that their role is to listen, to advise and to guide the families. The role of the CTQ members is to look after the deceased as well as the bereaved, and to handle all of the administrative details that add to the stress of losing a loved one. Their empathy and their discreet and comforting presence make the experience of a funeral less of an ordeal.

For more than fifty years, we have made training and development the core of our mission as an association. The rigor of our regulations, the value of our code of ethics, and the CTQ’s structure allow us to provide consumers with an assurance of the quality of the services offered by our members.

We aim to be a reference for the general public, to offer it a guarantee of professionalism within the funeral industry. We are accordingly calling for the application of a professional services standard, with the hope of creating a professional order, and we are contributing to the revision of the funeral industry's legislative framework.

We hope you will find our site useful in answering your questions.

Valérie Garneau, president

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