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POULIN, Wayne Philip

1942 - 2023


POULIN Wayne Philip
Wayne Philip Poulin died in Laval, Quebec in the early hours of Tuesday, November 14th, at the age of 81. He had been in palliative care for several months.

He is survived by his loving and dedicated partner, Barbara Farmer; his children, Phil, Mike of London, Ontario, Sarah and Joe of Woodstock, Ontario, and his sister, Darlene Poulin of Ottawa, Ontario.

Wayne was an avid fisherman and while living in Nakusp, BC would spend hour upon hour tying very tiny fly-fishing lures. It was a great passion and he had orders from all over Canada and the United States.

He was a great lover of nature and spent many happy times camping and fishing. His favourite fishing expression was “if you don’t catch anything in 20 minutes, it’s not happening.” He wasn’t always the most patient person.

He also enjoyed his extended family in the United States, Sharon and Charlie Bouchard, Brenda and Hugh O’Neil (deceased), their children, and grandchildren.

He also had numerous friends in Florida and British Columbia. He was especially close to Ed and Ruth Wiebe. Per Wayne’s wishes, he will make his way back to his beloved Nakusp, British Columbia.

In his later years, Wayne was a die-hard Jeopardy fan. You learned very quickly not to call him during that show.

Over the past 12 years, Barbara has been his constant, faithful, dedicated partner in all the good and bad times. They shared many happy moments spending winter months in Florida.

During his illness, he lost his beloved Boston Terrier, Oreo. One of Wayne’s favourite things was cookies! Just recently, he and Barbara became the proud owners of a new puppy, which he affectionately named Cookie. There is definitely a theme going on here.

He will be greatly missed by friends and family alike.

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