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LEE, Yutsan



Yutsan Joan Lillian Lee 1943-2006

Cherished daughter of the late Fred and Vivian Lee of Shawinigan, Quebec, sister to Mei-sheng Shirley Shanks of Victoria, B.C. and Doris Wells of Smith Falls, Ontario. Much loved by her family who spent precious time by her side until her peaceful passing. She adored her brother Fred, “Ol Twitter” Kenneth Lee Jr. and sister Mei-sheng, “Pilly”. Mei-sheng was devoted in caring for her sister. Mei-sheng was an extraordinary woman who made Yutsan’s last days of her life happy and comfortable in spite of her illness. She respected and had deep affection for her brother-in-law, David. She was blessed with to wonderful nephews, Ryan Lee Shanks, and her god-son, Tristan Lee Shanks, who married Sandy, a warm and affectionate elegant lady. Sandy referred to her as “Auntie” and this always pleased her immensely. Ryan bore a son, Connor Lee Shanks-Sim, of whom she grew very fond. She loved animals, in particular her brother’s cats and in her last days of her life, they brought joy and laughter into her life. She was an Air Canada flight attendant from 1965 to 2006 and was very proud of the longevity of service. She is survived by her brother-in-law, Burt Wells, her niece Joyce and husband David Waite, grand-nephew Thomas and grand-niece, Julia. She remembers the fun times she had with her niece, Joyce in the 70’s and spite of the difference in their ages; she loved the time the spent together. The friends she had were special and deeply cherished.
A private memorial service was held on November 4th in Montreal.

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